Hayden Fowler’s work hones in on the suppressed yearnings of contemporary culture to explore feelings of loss and alienation from natur e that pervade the human psyche. The artist reexamines the state of play mo re than two centuries on from the Enlightenment with its notions of awe and the sublime in nature\, and the rationalist age of the Industrial Revoluti on\, drawing parallels between early Romanticism and the uneasy relationshi p of humankind and nature in the contemporary world. His works evoke absenc e\, displacement\, mourning and the longing for a return\, or a reimmersion with the natural world\; exposing the human experience of nostalgia in a c urrent world order where the connection with nature is perceived to be slip ping progressively away. While his works are located in a bleak and trouble d space\, they are also interwoven with hope\, humor and beauty characteris tic of his work. Fowler’s imagery shifts between utopian and dystopian\, be tween past and future\, hope and despair. The work also implies a sense of the subversive and resilient powers of ‘nature’ and its continued potential for mystery\, revolution and unexplored possibilities. The exhibition inco rporates three bodies of works utilizing photography\, video and sculpture. All have been produced since 2010 and developed in Berlin\, Sydney and New Zealand. These works reveal the persistence of a reflective Romantic disco urse situated in beautiful but unsettled\, indeterminate but futuristic ima gery. The New Romantic photo series with reference to culture and ritual as it relates to nature is an ambiguous\, quasi science fiction narrative sho t during a residency in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Set in the mounta ins\, bogs and tussock lands of the dramatic post glacial landscape\, it fo cuses on loss and nostalgia within the depleted ecosystem\, on elements of Maori culture and Romantic tradition and the catastrophic New Zealand bird extinctions. The works are intentionally cryptic\, moving between a sense o f bleak optimism\, wistful reminiscence and poetic melancholia. Direct refe rence is made to the local environment with the now extinct giant moa nest and egg symbolically returned to what is now an empty and treeless environm ent. Artifacts such as a strange feathered and gilded bag created by the ar tist\, recall the body of a bird\, and sticks stand in for trees that no lo nger exist. Nature itself sugg ested as seemingly redundant or a vestigial relic in the face of human cultural practice. All the works are thematicall y aligned. The poignant\, pile of cast antlers herd\, also prompts thoughts of extinction\; the antler\, a symbol of vitality and the magnificence and power of the stag\, now reduced to a pile of calcified stone. NEW WORLD OR DER presents a microcosm of idealized unaffected nature\, a hopeful\, post apocalyptic environment\, set in a strange petrified forest\, outside of ex ternal influence with a pervading sense of autonomy\, peace and tranquility –once again evoking nostalgia for undisturbed nature.Stylistically the hype r real videois part documentary format\, part artifice. Birdlife\, rare and exotic live chickens and colorful canaries\, are choreographed within a fa bulous diorama\; a strange\, grey scale\, petrified forest setting that is an elaborate set created by the artist in his studio. The strutting\, perch ing\, scratching\, flapping\, and feeding of these outlandish and domestica ted feathered creatures is intercut with close ups and panoramas of this fi ctive and idealised natural space. Hayden Fowler is a New Zealand born Arti st\, based in Sydney\, Australia. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree fro m the University of New South Wales\, College of Fine Arts as well as an ea rlier degree in Biology. Fowler has exhibited nationally and internationall y and his work is held in significant public and private collections. He is a previous recipient of the Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship\ , with study undertaken in Berlin\, Germany. The artist acknowledges the su pport of the Australia Council\, Creative New Zealand and the New Zealand D epartment of Conservation for the New Romantic project.

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