An exhibition marking the 100th birthday of Meret Oppenheim (1913 – 1985) will be the very first museum showing in Germany to concentra te on the artist’s drawn oeuvre and\, in so doing\, will take the visitor i nto the very heart of her world of ideas\, a world that had its roots in Su rrealism. Showing around 60 works from the period between 1936 and 1984\, t he exhibition affords visitors an unprecedented opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work of one of the 20th century’s most impressive artis ts\, an artist whose non-conformist and liberal attitude made her a guiding figure among the younger generation of the 1970s.
The presenta tion is chronological and focuses on the fundamental content of the artist’ s work\, including her themes of eroticism and androgyny and her relation t o nature and the unconscious. Clearly arranged groups of works enable visit ors to find their bearings amidst a complex of styles and give them an insi ght into the artist’s various areas of creative activity\, such as fashion design\, book illustration\, nature study and experiments in printing\, the main point of emphasis being her picturesquely composed abstract drawings\ , in which the artist developed new forms and symbols for life processes an d natural phenomena.
The exhibited original works will be accom panied by various historical documents\, including photographs and publicat ions\, which will not only help visitors to visualize even more clearly the impressive calibre of this artist but also furnish information on further artistic actions and works realized in the public space. Works on paper by other artists from her milieu (Many Ray\, Hans Arp\, Max Ernst\, C.F. Reute rswärd\, to name only a few) will enable visitors to form a picture of the art-historical context of that period.
An audio station will fa miliarize visitors with Oppenheim’s poems\, recited by the artist herself. Also on display will be various publications of her texts.
Born in Berlin in 1913\, this German-Swiss artist lived in Paris from 1933\, wh ere she had close connections with such artists as Hans Arp\, Max Ernst and Alberto Giacometti within the circle of Surrealists around André Breton. F rom 1937 she lived in various places in Switzerland. During the 1960s she b elonged to the young Swiss art scene around Daniel Spoerri in Berne\; from 1972 she worked in her own studio in Paris. In 1975 she was awarded the Art Prize of the City of Basle\, when she took the opportunity to deliver a le cture on the specific situation of the “female artist”. During the 1980s sh e took part in Documenta 7 in Kassel and retrospective exhibitions of her w ork took place in Berne\, Paris and London. Meret Oppenheim died in Basle i n 1985.
The exhibition will be accompanied by an introductory s oft-backed catalogue and a comprehensive information programme.

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