Sydney Yeager's new series of paintings investiga tes the concept of ruins both ancient and contemporary through the material ity of oil paint. Each painting unearths a complex layering of color and fo rm that simultaneously reveals ephemerality and timelessness:


"These paintings reflect the influence of both demolition sites and t he ancient ruins I have visited.  Some elements are loosely derived from ph otographs I have taken of demolition sites.  There are "holes" in the forms of some of the of the paintings. In others\, linear elements act as frail scaffolding holding the forms in suspension. In some paintings\, the forms are piled together in a heap\, like the debris from a wrecking ball or rubb le from an excavation.


Ancient ruins and demolition site s seem to me to be dream- like places\, in between here and there\, each in the process of becoming something other than what it had been. Each is in transition. Each is fragmented. In their own random way\, the demolition si tes are as beautiful as the carefully preserved ruins.  That they are ephem eral makes them as poignant as the ancient sites.

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