Since fall 2011\, Magasin 3 has dedicated two galleries to a nnual exhibitions featuring works from the permanent collection. These pres entations provide the opportunity for recollections and reflections upon ar tists that Magasin 3 has followed over the years.


Something Tur ned Into a Thing is an exhibition based on the basic properties of the chosen materials and how they are perceived by our senses and our minds.\n

Some participating artists take fragments of the urban environment o r familiar everyday objects and discover new ways of seeing them\, both vis ually and intellectually. Other artists rely solely on an idea as the princ ipal expressive agent of the work. With an often playful\, unrestrained and uncompromising approach to the materials\, artists extract objects\, pheno mena or words from their customary areas of use and expose them to a broade r range of interpretations. John Chamberlain’s intricate sculptures made of crushed car parts\, Agnes Martin’s geometric grids in muted colours on can vas\, Wim Delvoye’s sewage pipes on porcelain pedestals and Tom Friedman’s toothpaste painting all stand side-by-side in this exhibition. The title\, “Something Turned Into a Thing\,” is borrowed from a work by Lawrence Weine r\, who has spent decades exploring language in his art so that he can more comprehensively dedicate himself to—and spark a debate about—objects and o ur relationship to them.


The works span Magasin 3’s entire history\ , from the opening exhibition in 1988 to later installations created specif ically for our space and even some of the most recent additions to our coll ection.


Janine Antoni has produced an extension of her work Moo r\, for the second season of the exhibition. The rope was originally c reated for the exhibition “Free Port” (2001) at Magasin 3\, and consists of entwined materials such as cat’s hairs\, lace\, swimming goggles and shoel aces. The work is in perpetual change\; every time the rope is shown\, its length is added to.

LOCATION:Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall\,Frihamnen Magasin 3 \n Stockholm \, Sweden SUMMARY:SOMETHING TURNED INTO A THING\, Janine Antoni\, John Chamberlain\, Wim Delvoye\, Tom Friedman\, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster\, Felix Gonzalez-T orres\, Denise Grünstein\, Sol LeWitt\, Agnes Martin\, James Turrell\, Lawr ence Weiner\, Rémy Zaugg END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR