At irregular intervals\, the Alb ertina invites artists to respond to the venue of the palace\, the museum\, and the Habsburg staterooms in specially conceived interventions.


The series is introduced by Markus Hofer (born in Haslach/Austria in 1977)\, whose objects sculpturally accentuate the int erior and exterior of the building\, with the artist fathoming and explorin g the site’s spatial conditions and qualities. His artistic interventions a re meant to irritate and frequently only reveal themselves as what they are at second glance or when looked at more closely\, thereby putting into que stion the extant substance. Markus Hofer draws attention to the ordinary an d familiar\, thereby modifying our perception and visual habits.


For his intervention in the Albertina\, Hofer dev otes himself to what is hidden and undetected. His interest concentrates on the institution as a building\, yet he understands the museum not only as a depository of collectibles\, but - equally importantly - also as storage of history and stories. These are to be discovered\, just as the invisible is to be rendered visible. Markus Hofer unearths things\, opens compartment s\, and encourages us to take a look behind the facade.

LOCATION:Albertina\,Albertinaplatz 1 \nVienna\, 1010 Austria SUMMARY:Intervention 1\, Markus Hofer END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR