KATZ CONTEMPORARY is delighted to announce its second solo e xhibition by Stéphane Zaech
(*1966\, Vevey\, lives and works in Montre ux and Villeneuve\, Switzerland). In addition to opulent\,
colourful o il paintings the gallery space will feature more toned-down\, subtly colour ed drawings.
Parallel to the exhibition\, art&\;fiction is publishi ng The Crossing ZAECH Peintures/Paintings with an
introduction by Giov anni Carmine.
The artist Stéphane Zaech\, born and raised in the Frenc h-speaking part of Switzerland\, masterfully
plays with citations from art history: The viewers find themselves reminded of Titian\, Diego Velàzq uez and Pablo Picasso as well as contemporary artists such as George Condo or John Currin. Zaech arranges his artistic borrowings into baroque images\ , stretches female bodies into multiple perspectives - citing Picassoʼs Les Demoiselles dʼAvignon (1907) - or deconstructs facial features.
The v irtuoso painter thus opens up a world of whimsical imagery and guides the v iewers into an Opera reale\, into a perfectly composed contemporary oeuvre\ , within which they can immerse in the artistʼs visual world.
The fact that Zaechʼs works exclusively feature figural and scenic motifs\, as well as composition and colouring of his oil paintings in particular\, inevitab ly reveal 17th century Dutch painting as a source of his inspiration. The p iece Steady State\, however\, evokes entirely different associations: The g uitar depicted in a cubist manner - clearly citing the example of Picassoʼs silent sculptural guitars made of cardboard (1912-14) - is combined with t he depiction of a male body\, whose placement within the composition resemb les portraits by Diego Velàzquez. Zaech succeeds to transfer the image into the present through the figureʼs modern attire. In the two pieces Soie and La Alba the reference to today becomes evident as well: Unlike in old pain ting tradition there are no male artists accessorized with a pallet\, inste ad we see gracious female bodies dressed like dancers.
Zaech manages t o translate and adapt the traditional composition of the masters of art his tory to the contemporary in his drawings as well as his oil paintings. The featured works of the exhibition thus take the viewer on a journey through the history of art. In a chain of associations Zaech forms
contradicto ry visions and bizarre imageries into a new entity. The artist questions we ll-known viewing patterns and creates his very own pictoral universe - terr ifying and magnificent at once. Stéphane Zaech plays with this correlation and invites the viewer into his Opera reale of fascinating and perfectly co mposed pieces\, entirely in the sense of classical painting.
Last year \, Stéphane Zaechʼs (*1966\, Vevey\, lives and works in Montreux and Villen euve\, (Switzerland) work was featured in several group exhibitions\, inclu ding Contemporain...ou bien? La collection dʼart BCV in the Fondation de lʼ Hermitage in Lausanne\, Review in the CentrePasquArt\, Biel\, and ... itʼs only Malerei but i like it at Kunstverein Offenburg Mittelbaden (Germany). Zaechʼs works are part of several domestic and foreign private and public c ollections.

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