Lynet McDonald is a self taught artist born and raised in Me xico City. She moved to the United States when she was fifteen years old an d has lived in different US cities since then. She currently resides in the Houston area.


 "My favorite topic to draw and paint has always bee n women's faces. That was what I first remember drawing when I was a child. Early in childhood\, I figured out that I could express myself through my drawings. I could transfer all my feelings to the women in my sketches. The ir facial expressions would show exactly how I felt at that moment in time. This was a very empowering tool for me. If I felt sad\, I would sketch a s ad woman and she would end up carrying the sadness in the end. I would get a sense of relief afterwards because I had spoken through my drawing. I con tinued drawing and painting women until my senior year in high school. I st opped doing art when I went to college. After I graduated\, my focus shifte d to my programming career. Many years went by and my art work became a mer e memory. Finally in 2006\, after I had left my career to take care of my d aughter\, I started painting again. It felt wonderful to once again enter t hat other world where anything is possible. The world where you can create whatever you want and you can be whoever you wish to be. I had forgotten ab out that place for many years\, but thankfully\, I found it again."

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