Shoe Christ (Compulsion to Refuse Something that Has Bee n Used)  is a sculpture made by visual artist Petr Motyčka\, who is mainly known in connection with the artist collective Pode Bal. Shoe Christ is mad e of approximately 1444 used (and mostly single) shoes. The sculpture is mo re than 6m high\, weights over 500kg and was originally created for the pub lic space of Prague's riverside\, where it was shown from August 2010 till January 2011. Subsequently it was modified for the specific space of the DO X Centre for Contemporary Art.
Shoe Christ  is the author´s contribution to a classical genre of Western art – the theme of crucifixion . The sculpture displayed at DOX belongs to a broader context of Motyčka´s work focused on this topic. (e.g. Used Child Shoe Christ  displaye d during the Subvision Kunst Festival in Hamburg in 2009 and as a part of c ommon project D.I.V.O. Institute in the Fridericianum Gallery in Kassel or a project called  Personal Jesus \, that is being developed by the artist for over 6 years.)
Petr Motyčka  was born in communist Czechoslovakia in 1971. His family left the country in the early 80s and settled in Los Angeles\, where he went to high school. After various odd jobs and one year at the University of Oregon\, Motyčka returned to Prague and studied at the Academy of Applied Arts.
He completed his postgraduate studies there with a thesis  Contempor ary Art as a Method for Critical Analysis . He held a teaching positio n there for two years and a 2-year seminar at the Masaryk University\, Facu lty of Social Studies in Brno. Motyčka was an artist-in-residence in Marsei lles\, Berlin and Zurich. In 1998 he founded the artist collective called P ode Bal which concentrates on projects concerned with social and political themes.
The group has realized over 50 separate projects locally and abroad and is attributed to have re-politicized the Czech art scene.
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