Contemporary artists struggle with the weight of what has co me before them and how to make new contributions to the field. Painting is one of the oldest of artistic traditions\, and many artists\; including Ans elm Kiefer\, Elizabeth Murray and Rashid Johnson\; whose paintings are brou ght together in Burden of History\, create works that seem to physic ally reflect the negotiation with that tradition. Sculptors too\; including Do Ho Suh\, Katharina Fritsch and Jeff Koons\; deal with the figure in way s that offer fresh insights and at times embrace materials not often associ ated with sculpture\, as in the use of stainless steel military dog tags as sembled by Do Ho Suh in his monumental sculpture Some/One.


Artists often address their own history in their work. For example\, Home to Go< /i>\, a sculpture by Albanian-born artist Adrian Paci\, was born from a lif e-changing experience. In 1997\, during the political upheaval and civil wa r in his homeland\, Paci was forced to immigrate to Italy. Using his body a s the model to create the figure\, Home to Go stands as both a metap hor and a literal translation of the profound physical and psychological ef fects of cultural displacement. Revealing the relationships between history and contemporaneity\, the artworks in Burden of History highlight g reat works within SAM’s Modern and Contemporary Art Collection.

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