Environmental artist Patrick Dougherty will create a site-sp ecific work on the front lawn of the Academy starting Feb. 6. In just over two weeks\, the North Carolina-based artist will twist and weave tree sapli ngs to create large\, organic sculptures. The surrounding environment and i ts given materials play a significant role in shaping his sculptures and in this case\, his work will draw from the architectural elements of the Acad emy’s historical building and grounds.


In 2005\, Dougherty used str awberry guava saplings to fashion a sculpture that wound sinuously around t he giant monkeypod tree on Spalding House’s lawn. This time\, O‘ahu artist and landscape architect Leland Miyano helped Dougherty harvest materials su ch as strawberry guava and ash from Ho‘omaluhia Botanical Gardens.


Dougherty combines his carpentry skills and his love and knowledge of natur e to create whimsical\, elegant woven masses that often relate to architect ural structures or even evolve into cocoon-like organic vessels. He began w orking on simple structures in 1980s and since then has created more than 2 00 sculptures around the world.

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