\n\nARTBOX Stutz II is pleased to ho st the exhibition opening for “Visceral Discourse”\, featuring the work of local artist Jason Myers and Sacramento’s Rogelio Manzo on Friday\, April 1 st\, 2011 from 5pm-12am\, as we celebrate their captivating new work. Cereb ral in content and bold in design\, this body of work explores what is belo w the surface from the perspectives of these two very different artists\; w hile Rogelio pulls back the external physical layers of his subjects to rev eal the inner story he sees beneath\, Myers uses abstracted figures and con founded text to reveal memories turned to singular moments buried deep with in his subconscious. The resulting work in both cases is a striking personi fication of what is typically concealed by the human eye and mind.

The work of Rogelio Manzo places the figures in the foreground without a sense of an environment\, forcing the viewer to focus on the fragmented vi sages and figures that are painted with an expressionistic fervor. With sur faces ranging from thick impasto to thin washes with areas of the canvas le ft bare\, this treatment adds to the sensation of his subjects being flayed to reveal their innermost feelings. His preferred format of squares\, ofte n as large as 6' x 6'\, also directs the viewer's attention on the anguishe d faces and bodies. His palette of tones of black\, brown\, gray\, and a bl ood red adds to the feeling of bleak reality\, with occasional hits of dand elion yellow\, sky blue\, or cardinal red brightening the palette and addin g a sense of optimism. Born in Guadalajara\, Mexico\, in 1975\, Manzo studi ed architecture at Instituto Tecnologico de Colima but left before receivin g his degree. He simultaneously studied with Rafael Heredia at the Escuela de Arte Juan Arrue (1997-1999)\, and has taken diverse workshops in drawing \, painting\, and sculpture. His work has been exhibited throughout Mexico\ , Europe\, and the USA and he was awarded an "Award of Excellence" at The 7 5th Crocker-Kingsley California's Biennial 2009\, as well as at Civic Centr e Barceloneta "The Fifth Continent" exhibition in Barcelona\, Spain. 

The visual manifestations of the internal deliberations of Jason Myer s are known throughout Indianapolis for their layered canvases\, haunting f igures\, and unrecognizable text. Reflecting upon moments drawn from deep w ithin his psyche\, these paintings personify fuzzy recollections\, regurgit ated years later\, in his physical attempt to measure what transpired in th is single fragment of time\, figures trapped between an emotional and physi cal environment. His new body of work\, while derivative of his unmistakabl e style\, explores new palettes and mediums in a way that is both playful a nd contemplative. Varying from larger-than-life figures to small drawings i n ink\, each displays a rawness and honesty that draws an emotional respons e from the viewer. Born in Logansport\, Indiana\, in 1972\, Myers received his M.F.A. from American University\, Washington D.C. and his B.F.A. from K ansas City Art Institute\, Kansas City Missouri. He is an active profession al artist in many mediums and has taught printmaking\, painting\, and drawi ng at American University in Washington D.C. His work is held in numerous c ollections and has been widely exhibited throughout the U.S.

Exh ibition location: 
ARTBOX Gallery\, Stutz II
217 West 10th Street
Indianapolis\, IN 46202\, 317/955-2450
Entrance and parking on S enate\, between 9th &\; 10th
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 11a-5p an d by appointment

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