Kasper Kovitz @ ARCO Madrid
Febr 16-20\, 2011  |  Pavil lón 10F04

We are pleased to present Kasper Kovitz’ new series of Conquistadores at ARCO Madrid\, which he painted in ox blood during his th ree months at BilbaoArte in 2010.For more images:

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"There is a color that Basques used to paint their houses with\, rouge Basque\, that originally was made out of cattle blood. When I started worki ng on images of the Conquistadores coming on land and encountering Natives\ , I decided to use ‘exotic fruit juice mix’ for the Natives. I also made ‘C arnalitos’\, two sculptures\, of Miguel de Unamuno and Sabino Arana carved of legs of jamon iberico. These two Basque characters have a significant ro le in the Basque independence struggle but stood on two opposing political sides: moderation and nationalism. Carnalitos is an expression in Spanish f or close friends as in “of the same blood”." Kasper Kovitz\, 2010

We would pleased to welcome you at our both!

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