Art Contest for The New Design Collection



Art + Design is the main topic of the contest.
DESIGN COLLECTION aims to be a selection of high-quality artworks with a contemporary visual impact, finding their ideal location in the most fascinating and modern interior furnishings.

to whom is the contest addressed?

The contest is addressed to professional and amateur artists, graphic designers, painters, photographers, sculptors... from all over the world.

aims of the contest

The aim of the contest is to select two artists to be part of the new MALAMEGI's DESIGN COLLECTION.
The two selected artists will be chosen based on the images of the artworks uploaded in their personal profile on the contest website; this uploading section will be available after the registration process. 
The winners will be required to grant the use of at least 10 images of theirs artworks (between those used during the contest).
The images could reproduce artwork specifically produced for the contest or that were previously made.
The copyright of the original artworks will remain with the winning artist. 
MALAMEGI will only use the images of the artworks to reproduce them in high-quality and to show them to its costumers. 
The copies will be printed or manually reproduced by MALAMEGI according to its requirement.
The copies will always bear the name of the author of the artwork.


The total prize amounts to € 2000.
Each winner will receive € 1000.
The payment of the prize will be made by bank transfer (or any other method agreed with the winner) in the following 30 days from the contest deadline.

accepted artworks

All types of artwork reproduction are admitted: paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, digital graphics, drawings, etc. 
Videos, performances and art installations are not allowed.
All artworks must be presented by means of an image as long with a descriptive text, including a title, sizes and an explanation of the techniques and materials used to produce them. 
All artworks must be exclusive property of the contestant.

deadline and how to apply

JULY 15th 2014 : enrollment deadline.
Registration to the contest website is mandatory. 
It is required to pay a registration fee of € 25.00.
The enrollment is not deemed to be complete until payment is made. 
Enrollments left unpaid by JULY 18th 2014 will be deleted from the website.


MALAMEGI's creative staff and the business office will select the 2 winners within July 25th 2014. 
Selection will be based on:
- Aesthetic and design, in harmony with MALAMEGI's corporate philosophy. 
- Quality and originality of the artworks.
- Ease of placement of the artworks in contemporary environments. 
- Approval showed by a random selection of our customers (resellers and/or interior design firms).
Winners will be selected by MALAMEGI in its sole and absolute discretion.

notifications of winning

Winning artists will be directly contacted by MALAMEGI as soon as the selection will be made. 
The name of the winning artists will be published on the official website of the contest ( ) on July 28th 2014.
The new collection DESIGN COLLECTION will be presented to MALAMEGI's customers though its website ( ) by the end of September 2014.

privacy policy

By registering artists agree to be bound by this agreement and accept all its parts.
Artists authorize MELAMEGI Lab to process artist's personal data in accordance with law. 
Personal data and uploaded images will be used in accordance to the purpose of the “Lab DESIGN COLLECTION” contest.
Artists are the solely responsible for the images' content and description.

right of modification

MALAMEGI reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the contest, if required for a better development of the contest.