FICTILIS:seeking submissions of brainstorming topics, from artists and non-artists

FICTILIS is presenting Vague Notions, a series of low-pressure, open-ended “brainstorming sessions”, at Interface Gallery in Oakland, CA between July 16th – August 17th 2014. More information here:

For this series, we are seeking submissions of brainstorming topics, from artists and non-artists, from Oakland and beyond. “Topics” may be broad themes or subjects, specific issues, questions, or problems, or single-word prompts – basically, anything that could feasibly be discussed for approximately one hour in a small group setting.

For one month, FICTILIS and assembled participants are your captive performers. Make us think about and talk about interesting things. Important things or trivial things, relevant or random things. Real problems or imaginary ones. Challenge us, with difficult or awkward topics. What would you like to hear a roomful of people discuss? (Or what would you like to see the evidence of a roomful of people having discussed?)

While there is no limit on the kinds of topics we are willing to brainstorm, we hope to include some of the following:

    topics related to practical problems that artists face, or that you, as an artist, are facing
    topics related to a specific “stuck” project, or ways around your creative blocks
    topics geared toward the generation of ideas, or starting points for new creative directions

Though the event series will be staged as a kind of performance by members of FICTILIS and other Bay Area artists, it will also function as an exhibition. Authors of accepted submissions will be credited as part of the show just as in a typical exhibition, however in this case the works are conceptual in nature, functioning more as ideas or prompts to be “realized” or “enacted” by the participants in each brainstorming session at Interface Gallery. Submitters from the Bay Area will have the chance to attend – and if they wish, facilitate or notate – their own brainstorming session.

All sessions will be conducted using two large chalkboards. After each session, these will be systematically photographed, and the resulting images will be used to create a series of prints which serve to document the month-long project. Visitors to the gallery will be able to view the traces of previous sessions, which hint at the broad outlines of conversations which took place there. They can also do their own brainstorms on an open board.

Scheduled sessions will be free and open to the public, and will be facilitated by a member of FICTILIS or an invited guest from the Bay Area. Special attention will be given to artists and community members who are experiencing creative blocks or who have specific, practical problems which could be addressed via collaborative dialogue and ideation.

Deadline is June 1 2014. There is no limit on the number of submissions from one artist or group. Notification will be emailed by June 15th 2014.

Vague Notions is one of three month-long interactive, community-based projects at Interface Gallery supported by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant (