Open call for a residency in the israeli desert - starting april 14th

Calling all philosophers, painters, playrights, musicians, dancers, photographers,

 the rabbit hole is an international residency program based on the notion of pilgrimages.

In 2012, we completed the project "there is a wonderland, i'll meet you there" it involved commissioning 7 artists to go on a train from barcelona to tel aviv. we spent 2 weeks on the road, stopping in 7 cities, interacting with locals, engaging in storytelling and investigating the following thesis: what is it that connects us?

Then we exhibited our findings online and in an interactive exhibition in new york called "the crystal ball": together the artists made a film, photography series, manuscript, and an installation of mirrors.

"mousetraps in the desert" is just a chance for anyone wanting to come along and explore, deconstruct and collaborate. we will walk together with the group and engage in whatever investigation comes to us.

it is not a formal residency, just a chance to bring curious people together in a unique way.

we will investigate and deconstruct a pre-supposed theme in our own residency bubble in the desert.

for more information email

the walk starts on april 14th.