Call for Art: Artworks selection 2014

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Ventitre01 is about to begin the selection of the artworks that will be included in the 2014 catalog.
The artworks will be shown through the exhibition circuit On -the-art and published on the new online and paper catalogs. Artworks will be promoted 360° through the activities of the brand.

Why participate ?

Ventitre01 promotes contemporary art published and awarded internationally. We offer to the
people high quality limited edition series of the artworks we select, choosing materials and
manufacturers , and promotes the originals through our network and the free exhibition project On
the Art. Each selected artist is interviewed and presented on a showcase that includes only a limited number of artworks to guarantee visibility. Our goal is to let the artist grow professionally, working effectively to make a larger number of people see the artworks in a targeted, real way.

What about the entry fee?

Ventitre01 is an association and international brand that usually does not accept external proposals and invites directly artists to participate.
We don't request addictional or recurring costs.
For this reason, the entry fee for this selection will be equal only to 12 EUR to submit up to 5
works that could be all included in the new collection.
Selection for the 2014 catalog wants to open to a larger number of artists, giving the opportunity to
participate in our initiatives.

What kind of artworks can be admitted to the selection ?

We will select paintings, photographs, graphics and drawings .

Where and how I can submit for this selection ?

Selection regulation and submission details will be published during the next days on our website and through our network.

This communication has to be considered a preview for subscribers to our newsletter and contacts who usually receive the update on our activities. If you would like to receive more information you can write to

Publication of application news and form is scheduled by November 7th

For any further detail on our mission and activities please write us at

Ventitre01 – Rome, Italy