Call for Submissions - Exposure: TO Based Photography


Exposure: Toronto based Photography


Deadline: September 22nd

Exhibition: September 26th – October 2nd

Opening: September 27th (7-11pm)


Seeking submissions for a group art exhibition at Project Gallery titled Exposure: Toronto-based Photography. There will be an opening reception on the evening of Thursday September 27th. We are currently accepting submissions in any and all media, however photography and video based works are preferred. The primary criterion for the exhibition is Toronto based artists and/or artwork.


The aim of this exhibit is to encompass  a creative aesthetic of Toronto, through photographic works of the city, or from the perspective of a Toronto based photographer.   The subject matter of the artwork can be as varied as the textures of the city itself:  profiles of graffiti plastered alleys, cross-sections of the city's pockets and niches, snapshots of intersections now altered by the course of time, or even archives of the people and places that experientially define what we know as Toronto.


The exhibit will explore and comment on topics like: What is it like to be a photographer in Toronto? What influence does photography have on the cultural remembering of a city?  How does a city or space effect or inform the creative process? What is the Toronto photographic scene like?


If you wish to submit, please include:

·        Up to 5 Photos or up to 2 videos of your work
·        A brief artist bio/statement - up to 200 words
·        Contact information – including phone number and website/blog

*Full-wall projector and dedicated screens available to display video works               by September 22nd, 2013