Call/Convocatoria 2014

Cuban American Phototheque Fundation does special commissions with well-known artists, but an essential part of the Foundation mission is to give new opportunities to talented, less well-known artists, both contemporary and historical.
We accept submissions from October 15 to December 1st for the following year, and are interested in artists working with photo-based media, and multimedia work as well as print-based photography.
If you submit work, CAPF’s curatorial staff will review it and CAPF’s Board of Directors will review selected work. We will let you know if your work will be considered for exhibition.

CAPF's support to the artists includes the space of the Gallery, the tri-fold for the show, the press releases and inauguration toast in a form of wine and/or spirits only. All artwork has to arrive framed and ready to be display at the time of the setting of the show. However, I would advise the members of the Permanent Collection to enter a new project for consideration, it does not matter if you have the means to produce it at this time. We will go over the details of the show once approved.

For more information please visit: