culturia - residency program Berlin

culturia is a goal oriented artist in residence program and is set as a long term research project on artistic process. We develop a non material collection archiving texts written by artists. The program is set to entice and stimulate the writing practice through workshops, presentations and filmed interviews with invited artists, curators and other art professionals. All the material will be saved to create a knowledge base for researchers and be a starting point for development of future projects like exhibitions, publications and presentations. The concept is to keep the “non-material” which exists during the pursuit of the artists to the final material artwork. Accomplishing this the content cease to exist. culturia definition of non materiality can be understood only in this opposition.

Deadline 11th of August

Results 18th of August
Date of Residency 4th of November – 22nd of December

Who may apply 
culturia invites artists who have a need to reflect upon their cultural context, predispositions, way of creating, and the ideal definition of art. There are no restrictions on media and limitations regarding age.

We offer
Program gives the artists a toolset which will support the process by offering them a possibility to stop for a moment, mirror themselves in the conversations, take time and sit down to re-read the diary entries, notes on not realized ideas, experience the Berlin art world.

Feedback meetings on a text written by artists: concentrated on the artists’ texts in progress and the final outcome of the residency Interview preparation conservations: meetings between an artist and curator to prepare questions for the interview, Filmed interview recording sessions: artists articulate and mirrors his/her views on art during recording sessions in conversation with curators, Living space: a flat with 4 bedrooms, co-workings space and 2 balconies, internet…
Partly covered by artists. For more details go to 
Low cost residency is made possible by continuous support of 
HOWOGE - Wohnungs-baugesellschaft / 

culturia is looking for
- An engaged and responsible participation in the program and its formats during the residency time frame

- Commitment to video interviews
- Submission of the text written by artist /weekly/ and final to Non Material Collection
- Openness for conversation
- Presence in Berlin while conducting the residency
- Fluency in English language

Get personal insights
by reading an interview with culturia makers 

How to apply
- Completed online application form – to find under following

- CV (Education/ Research projects / Exhibitions)
- Portfolio with examples of recent works (choice of 5 to 10 works)
- culturia will conduct skype interviews with shortlisted applicants
For inquiries, cooperation and further information |

Office: Soldiner str. 92, 13359 Berlin, Germany