CALL FOR PAPERS - The Representational Art Conference

The Representational Art Conference 2014 will focus on the aesthetic principles and values implicit in the representational art of the 21st Century. Having established at TRAC2012 that the representational art community has an important voice, it is timely to explore and articulate its distinctive aesthetic values, vision and philosophical outlook. Our purpose is not to establish a single monolithic aesthetic for representational art, but to identify commonalities, understand the unique possibilities of representational art, and perhaps provide some illumination about future directions.

TRAC2014 Keynote speaker, the writer and philosopher Roger Scruton is best known to the art community as the writer and host of the acclaimed BBC special Why Beauty Matters. TRAC2014 Keynote speaker, the artist and writer Juliette Aristides is author of The Classical Drawing Atelier, The Classical Painting Atelier, and Lessons in Classical Drawing. She frequently contributes to various arts publications.

We are particularly interested in papers about:

How 21st Century representational art differs from earlier representational art.
The role of beauty and/or the sublime.
What might be the aesthetics of 21st Century representational art.
Are there common principles shared by representational artists?
Does the democratic popularity of representational art confer on it any unique value or potentiality?
The possibility of cross-cultural aesthetics in representational art.
Do globalization and rapid cultural change provide uniquely relevant material for representational artists?
The internet and contemporary representational art.
The 21st Century representational art movement as a renaissance.
The aesthetic contribution of the craft aspect of representational art.
Can representational art convey truth? If so, how, and of what kind?
Allegorical symbolism in the new millennium.
Idealism, imagination and representation.
Morality and politics in 21st century representational art.
What is the relation to reality of the authentic representational artist?
Aesthetic analyses (not autobiographical) of significant contemporary works of representational art.

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