Lily Kostrzewa

Lily Kostrzewa, Yin and Yan, 2011, mixed media, 36" h x 65" w


Lily Kostrzewa

"Looking forward to meeting new friends from Chicago at my upcoming solo exhibit at the Old Town Art Center (1763 N. North Park Ave.) from July 20 to Sept. 4 with a reception on Sunday, Aug. 4, 2-5 pm."

As an artist, painting has become my vocation since I was a young child. I have always dreamed about pictures and colors since I was young. My life is always full of imagination and ideas which I cannot wait to draw on paper. One day I realized I was able to use paintbrushes to express life just like authors use writing or film producers use movies. However, it took me years to be familiar with all different kinds of painting media and study many masters’ artworks. Eventually I earned the freedom to use what I learned to express my thoughts. I’m glad today I’m able to talk about life and beauty through colors, nature, and figures. I am an artist who spent almost the same amount of time in both the east and west cultures. I use life experiences to create my own cross-cultural art.

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