Xi Fei

Xi Fei, Humanity And Three Inert Object - a. relationship b. Animal spirits c. Masks’ idol


Xi Fei

Xi Fei is an American Artist, who lives and works in New York.

Xi Fei was born in 1956 in China. He left China in 1989 for the United States, and arrived at the end of the Reagan years to a city and country that, on the verge of the global information age, was more heterogeneous than ever, fixed on capital, consumerism and commodification, to see pop culture close up and compare it with the Pop art that had earlier fascinated him. Even the celebrated art school he had enrolled in couldn't hold his desire of creation; he left the school and started his career as a professional painter.

Xi Fei believes that “artistic wholeness” is of uttermost importance in art above individual elements of technique, color, style and etc. This belief in the "supremacy of artistic wholeness" will surely leave a path of reflection for those to follow in the 21st Century contemporary art.

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