Space-Time: call for residency projects in Beppu, Japan

Space-Time: call for residency projects in Beppu, Japan

The NPO BEPPU PROJECT is opening an International Artist in Residence program for artists in the music field and the contemporary art field (visual arts and performing arts). Its next KASHIMA 2013#2 (International Artistic Residency) will take place from September to October 2013 (two months, dates to be confirmed).

Beppyu Project invites artists from various disciplines in the contemporary art field to submit their project by June 21, 2013 (before midnight, Japan Time).

Artists should think their projects on the theme "SPACE-TIME". The project will be shown in one or two streets in Beppu downtown in collaboration with the local activity (small shops, café, restaurant). Also, artists will be invited to participate to a forum-discussion with local population to talk and exchange ideas about the art work.

The npo BEPPU PROJECT runs an international artistic residency program in Beppu (JAPAN) within a five-year grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan. Kashima, in Japanese, refers to the place where you stay when you heal your body and soul by doing spa-theraty in the onsen (natural hot spring). BEPPU PROJECT is running this International Residency Program to welcome artists and their creations from all over the world in Beppu city. It aims at bringing high level creations of the international artistic world into a local scene.

Support during the residency period (Important: Indicated amounts are the same for one person as for one group)

  • Artistic fee (250,000 JPY),
  • Project production allowance (to be determined according to the project but within a limit of 650,000 JPY),
  • Per diem (3,000 JPY per day for one artist only),
  • Round-trip flight cost from the nearest airports for both, your location and Beppu. (Please note that Beppu project may not cover the travelling costs for all the participants. It depends on the number of people travelling),
  • Accommodation (Please note that Beppu Project may not cover the lodging costs for all the participants and may ask participants to contribute to the lodging costs)
  • Space for work (please note that the studio's availability will be discussed after the selection),
  • Exhibition or performance venue (please note that the in the pdf indicated streets can change).

Conditions of participation

  • Reside outside of Japan and be a citizen of a country other than Japan,
  • Be able to speak either English or Japanese well enough to communicate,
  • Be able to free themselves from other professional activities during the period of the residency,
  • Show evidence of previous work and of an artistic career that is already significantly developed or that is just starting to develop.

All the applications for this residency will be looked through with attention to the required documents (proposal, artist profile and example of a previous art work). Deadline: June 21.

The selection results will be published on Beppu project's website by July 15, 2013.

Please find all the relevant information in the pdf: OpenCall_AIR.pdf