Art Basel Edition Featured Artist: Lyubov Momot

Lyubov Momot, Golden Red Party, detail, 2012.


Lyubov Momot

"I would label the most of my artwork as Magical Realism. I have tried to grasp that elusive atmosphere of magic, mystery and hidden truth. I have always been thrilled to discover how the life of each work unfolds on its own in front of me. As Pablo Picasso put it, 'I begin with idea and then it becomes something else.' And that’s what I love about painting: improvisation, the thrill of unknown. Art is the way to the heart of all things.

"Though I work in a style that involves techniques of Old Masters, I also use all new media and methods – such as mixed media, collage and assemblage. Juxtaposing different textures, elaborating layer by layer, I try to develop an air of mystery and ambiguity in my painting. As Francis Bacon once said, 'The job of artist is always to deepen the mystery.'"

Lyubov Momot is a Chicago-based fine artist, born and educated in Ukraine (B.F.A. in painting and M.F.A. in decorative arts and textiles). Her artworks have been exhibited, publicized and acquired in the U.S. and overseas. For more please visit: