Art Basel Edition Featured Artist: William Oistad

William Oistad, Evolving, 2013, oil, encaustic and paper on fabric panels, 38 x 41.5

William Oistad

William Oistad is a contemporary artist specializing in form-centric, line-dominant abstractions in oil, encaustic and mixed media. William’s art is a beautiful blend of smooth lines and vibrant layering of color that explores the nature of dualities that exist in the world around us. He is attracted to the spontaneous generation of forms, allowing his hand to be guided by intuition in a continual play of action and reaction. William’s major influences in his art include Robert Motherwell, William Baziotes and Terry Winters.
He spent much of his childhood as an avid drawer and in college pursued a B.A. in both Studio Arts and Psychology. He later achieved his Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art from Clemson University, where he won Emerging Artist of the Year from the Liquitex Excellence in Art Student Grant Program. William's artwork has been displayed in a variety of exhibitions and galleries across the country, including New York City; Chicago; Ann Arbor, MI; Vail, CO; and Lafayette, IN. William maintains a vibrant studio along the north shore of Lake Michigan outside of Chicago, IL. For more please visit: