Art Basel Edition Featured Artist: Margaretha Gubernale

Margaretha Gubernale, The Blackalder.

Margaretha Gubernale

Margaretha Gubernale‘s oil paintings find their source in the philosophy of Anthroposophy, developed by Rudolf Steiner, which the artist describes as a source of spiritual knowledge and a practice of experiencing one‘s inner life. The result is that an aura of myth permeates her images, whose subjects often seem to float in a universe between fantasy, mysticism and reality. Gubernale strives to include the four elements in her work – as she says, “the intellect as air, fire as self-confidence and will, water as feeling and earth as material execution.”

This image portrays the Blackalder tree, which offers protection from spiritual hazards and whose roots reach into the pure water.

Margaretha Gubernale, who lives and has painted professionally in both Switzerland and Italy, has exhibited her works around the world. For more, please visit: