Art Basel Edition Featured Artist: Shahrzad Taavoni

Shahrzad Taavoni, Let There Be Light, 2011, Recycled gumball machine globe from once used
candy machine (plastic), paint, lamp inside, Each globe 18 inches.


Shahrzad Taavoni

Shahrzad Taavoni, BS, MATCM, Dip. OM, L.Ac, incorporates vibrant colors, recycled material, light, and music into her interactive light orbs that have largely been inspired by her healing work as an acupuncturist, philosopher, nature lover and spiritual seeker. From her limited stock of recycled and re-purposed candy machine globes (lightweight shatter-resistant plexiglass) she paints them, creating light orbs, sculptures and installations. She creates light shows by sequencing all of her orbs so that they will dance in coordination with music she has specifically chosen. Shahrzad Taavoni has had a solo exhibition at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware in October 2010 where President Barack Obama concurrently presented a speech. She has exhibited at the Baltimore Public Works Museum and has had two solo exhibitions at Wholefoods Market Harbor East in Baltimore, MD in 2013. Her work has been auctioned at the Embassy of Singapore in Washington DC in March 2011 and she has exhibited in Innsbruck, Austria at Apollo 8 in November 2012. Her art has been featured on television for ABC2News and Fox News in Baltimore on March 22, 2013. For more please visit: