Seeking: Graphic Design/ Advertising Design Instructor

P.I. Art Center
(New York NY)

P.I. Art Center is an art institute providing art instruction and portfolio preparation assistance to future art majors at the finest art schools in U.S.
We are currently looking for instructors who can help students with portfolio development.
Please email via
Please send a resume and portfolio if interested. Thank you!

Job Qualifications:
• MFA Degree in Graphic Design/Advertising Design Required
• Graphic Design/Advertising Design teaching experience at art college Preferred or currently working in the related field.
• A relatively flexible schedule

Job Descriptions:
• This is a part-time job
• Teaching a small group (1-3 students) of art students once (1-3 hrs)
• Teaching master degree level portfolio preparation for applying to graduated art schools.
• Tracking each student's improvements,concept and skills through lesson reflections and progress reports