Open call: KCAC - Artist-in-Residence programme

KCAC - Artist-in-Residence programme

Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre


Patan Museum

Albertine Tucknott
Phone: +44 (0) 7789 351144

Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre
Patan Museum
Durbar Square, Kathmandu


Established in 2010 as Nepal's first international contemporary arts centre, KCAC facilitates dialogue and exchange opportunities for Nepali and international artists.

KCAC's International Artist-in-Residency scheme was created to help foster links between artists and the local community, as well as creating a platform for critical discourse between artists from Nepal and the rest of the world. Through this residency scheme KCAC is able to run their scholarship programme supporting up to four contemporary Nepalese Artists per year providing studio space and materials, culminating in a catalogued exhibition.

KCAC welcome direct applications from international artists and researchers to rent one of their three studios based in the Patan Museum.

For information on cost, availability and how to apply, please contact: