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The leading art marketing service,the Art Marketing Agency,( introduced an Online Art Auction INNOVATION for emerging artists. This auction model tips the balance in favor of the Artist to get fair values for their artworks. provides "transparency" and delivers a much better (and more PROFITABLE) experience for the Artists and Photographers including
Bidders may contact the artist directly- this is unheard of
Bidders may also visit the ARTIST website and portfolio- this is unprecedented!
Artists in today's Auction markets are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to "valuation" of their art to be able sell in an Auction.
The current Auction process dictates that artist "starting bid" and art valuation prices be "verified" based on the documented sales results in OTHER Auctions-not the real and actual values as determined by the Artist!
We'll sell your Artworks in a New ONLINE Auction format (by artist for artists) for higher art values and based upon your suggested retail or your own sales "formula"- a much better "alternative" than selling in traditional Auctions. 
…we sincerely believe it is.
 " In a market that purports to be transparent and offering disclosure of conflicts of interest, this is not a level playing field,” Mr. Hedges, the collector, said....New York Times article 
 The current Auction process is a "catch 22" because Art Valuation services ONLY accept prices that can "verified" by sales results in OTHER Auctions- not the real and actual values determined by the Artist!
...consider this from a leading art valuation service since 1985:
"To obtain an auction valuation, you must send us by email all available evidence of results obtained through sales made through public or private auctions (auctioneers, bailiffs, or pages printed from websites)."
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For a LIMITED time,Art Marketing Agency Clients:NO Listings fees and fifteen (15%) of the Final sale price
NON Art Marketing Agency Clients $ listing and posting fee for ten (10) artworks and twenty (20%) of the Final sale price.
What we do for our clients:Here's a sample of one of our art clients ONLINE galleries that we produced in our "postings" to Online galleries- we do ALL the work!
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