Under the Radar: Noe Serrano | Anna Kim | Christopher Squier

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Noe Serrano – Spain Anna Kim – Los Angeles Christopher Squier – San... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 3/17

(In)visibility in New Black Portraiture: Aria Dean and Hamishi Farah in Dialogue

by Audrey L. Phillips
In March 2016, Los Angeles-based artist and writer Aria Dean penned an essay entitled “Closing the Loop” for The New Inquiry about the white monopolization of feminist selfie art. I remember reading the essay and feeling its urgency and necessity at a time when the spotlight on selfie art and culture was (and still is) dominated by white cis-hetero young women. When I think of the canon of feminist art and the “trailblazers” that paved the way for subsequent generations of women artists, I see... [more]
Posted by Audrey L. Phillips on 3/17

Reading Joshua Goode’s Childhood Mythologies in a Post-Fact World

by Zachary Small
If Freud had chosen another profession, he might have become an archaeologist. After all, the mythology of personality has its roots in childhood. Memory is a retroactive alloy, and introspection can sometimes muddy our grasp on the past. Too much nostalgia transforms our beloved childhood mementos (favorite toys, teddy bears, and such) into prescient talismans of the future, justifying our adult delights and detestations. Too much nostalgia and we long for a promised time when America used to... [more]
Posted by Zachary Small on 3/16

In Search of a Body: A.K. Burns’ Ode to Endurance

by Osman Can Yerebakan
One of the most unassuming artworks in A.K. Burns’ exhibition and residency, , is perhaps also the best reflection of the artist’s three-month tenure at the New Museum and her concurrent Callicoon Fine Arts exhibition, Fault Lines. Nestled at the end of a corridor on the museum’s fifth floor, Post Times (drop open) straddles the rift between utility and inertia, the body and environment, endurance and decay. A thin wooden latch, running the length of two closet doors is fully plastered with... [more]
Posted by Osman Can Yerebakan on 3/14

At Locust Projects, a Tale of Two Factories and Two Artists

by Neil Vazquez
As we seemingly find ourselves spectators to the acceleration of political and environmental decline, two Israeli artists, Rotem Tamir and Omri Zin, are targeting industrial factory processes in an exploratory, performative project. The husband-and-wife team are collaborating for the first time in at Locust Projects in Miami. The piece encompasses two independent, modular “factories,” each managed and operated by the respective artists. Tamir’s factory produces helium-filled latex balloons,... [more]
Posted by Neil Vazquez on 3/10

Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Sofía Córdova

by Christian Petersen
Sofía Córdova is a Puerto Rican multi-media artist and musician currently based in Oakland, California. Her work collides the sacred, mystical, and ancient with the disposable obsessions of our consumer age. These juxtapositions are not arbitrary, though; Córdova draws distinct lines between the ultra-traditional and the hyper-modern to tell a deeply engaging story mediated through the lens of a Puerto Rican artist living in the United States. Córdova frequently reflects on her Caribbean... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 3/8

They Had Whole Buildings For That (Now We Use Diapers)

by Christina Catherine Martinez
Only 90s kids would know. Only 80s kids would know. Only Gen-X or Y or Z-ers would know. Jon Rafman might know, but he also knows that prolepsis, anachronism, and non-location are more suitable benchmarks for this twisted ouroboros we’ve made of time. At Sprüth Magers in Los Angeles, the juxtaposition of immersive films by Rafman and Stan VanDerBeek, made decades apart, charts a rising threshold of popular vision that correlates to a kind of political decline—the history of cinema as... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 3/6

Deadline Extended - Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency, Paris

by The Artslant Team
   We’ve extended the deadline! The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency in Paris is now accepting applications for the June–July 2017 session until March 15th, Midnight UTC. Apply here. The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency in Paris provides the recipient with lodging for 2 months in an apartment in Paris, travel to and from Paris, and a $1000/month... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 3/3

Bex Ilsley Answers 5 Questions

by The Artslant Team
Bex Ilsley received an ArtSlant Prize 2016 Honorable Mention. We’re presenting Bex’s work this week at SPRING/BREAK Art Show.   What are you trying to communicate with your work? Something about what it’s like to always live one step removed from yourself. I experience this sensation of always watching myself while I perform the person I am. I had built this largish following on social media and the sensation became stronger. I started to try and embrace that sensation through... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 3/3

Facing the Black Mirror: Sean Fader’s Awesome Year

by Andrea Alessi
SPRING/BREAK, more than 100 curators will feature artworks that explore the dance of identity the artist undergoes—between showing what’s unseen and hiding in plain sight—especially in the face of modern technology, political unrest, and glimmers from ghosts of Art History’s past. ArtSlant is exhibiting the ArtSlant Prize 2016 Winners at SPRING/BREAK. In partnership this uniquely site-specific, curatorial fair, we’re featuring interviews with participating curators and artists, asking them... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 3/2