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Contemporary Tehran: Istanbul's Iranian Gallery Focus Shows an Art Scene on the Rise

by Danna Lorch
Following high-powered political negotiations, Iran recently expanded its 30-day visa upon arrival program to include citizens of a number of European, Asian, and Middle Eastern nations—including France, Germany, and Singapore, all with a concentration of high-end galleries and collectors. The new policy has already resulted in an increase in “cultural tourists,” and a boom in the art tourism industry seems an inevitability.  “I can say 70 percent of my collectors are local or international... [more]
Posted by Danna Lorch on 11/10/15

Contemporary Istanbul Emerging Gallery Spotlight: Mixer

by Pınar Üner Yılmaz
            —Hans Georg Gadamer   Almost every artwork needs a spectator, and artists need a platform to connect their work with those viewers. While today these platforms vary, artists still need spaces—be it the conventional gallery or the digital realm—that are able to reach and mobilize a broad audience. Galleries still matter: they not only provide artists with a means for professional and personal development, but they also help make a city attractive to both artists and arts patrons,... [more]
Posted by Pınar Üner Yılmaz on 11/12/15

Can an Art Fair Actually Transform a City? In Paris, Yes

by James Loks
It’s kind of an obvious thing to say that Paris is different from London and New York, and no doubt many other cities that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit or live in, but still it is. Specifically this is in the sense that it isn’t—no matter what any Parisien will tell you—a huge, teaming, hyper-megapolis. It’s actually a small and crowded city of only two million inhabitants (yes, in cultural terms the is only beginning to maybe exist [see “big galleries”]). This has many... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 10/20/15

A Flâneur’s Guide to FIAC’s Hors Les Murs

by Lara Atallah
  With its annual Hors Les Murs programming, FIAC is once more transforming Paris into a  with art spread citywide, well beyond the glass domes of the Grand Palais. Here you’ll find a suggested promenade replete with the best artful stops outside the fair’s walls. Follow my itinerary, or in the true spirit of Baudelaire’s flâneur, go ahead and wander, get lost, and see what you find—you’re sure to stumble upon some art!   Dan Graham, Passage Intime, 2015. Courtesy the artist and Marian... [more]
Posted by Lara Atallah on 10/21/15

Frieze Week London 2015: The Instagrammies

by The Artslant Team
We love a big city art week because it's like taking your mind to a theme park. If ever there's a time for critical thinkers to kick back and allow themselves to not take things too seriously, it's Frieze Week. From your relegated position at the bottom of the art hierarchy, you laugh as the art PR attempt to placate the elite with the deftness of a headless chicken. Meanwhile, artists pretend to be sociable creatures and woo museum people and curators do their best impression of being... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 10/16/15

What You Need to Know About Frieze Week 2015

by The Artslant Team
Our suggestions for things to do, see, learn, and avoid, and facts and figures about the year's biggest art week in London.   1:54 Is Our Top Fair for 2015 Mimi Cherono Ng'ok, , 2014, Inkjet print on cotton rag paper, edition of 6, 120 x 120 cm. Courtesy of Fondation Donwahi In case you hadn't noticed, the popularity of African art is exploding, and 1:54 is the only fair of its kind dedicated to contemporary art from the continent and diaspora. 1:54 returns to London for an anticipated... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 10/13/15

Highlights and Surprises: A First Look at EXPO Chicago 2015

by Ionit Behar
In its fourth edition, EXPO Chicago has shown considerable institutional growth, adding new programs and publications, and expanding from 125 galleries in 2012 to 140 from 16 countries in 2015. A few months ago, signs promoting the fair popped up all around the city, boosting expectations for art lovers. Although EXPO is open to the public for just three days, the week of September 14-20—now referred as the EXPO Art Week—is one of the Chicago art scene’s busiest times of the year. Collectors,... [more]
Posted by Ionit Behar on 9/18/15

EXPO Weekender: The Best Is Yet to Come

by The Artslant Team
As Chicago's biggest art week builds to a crescendo, many of the best talks and events are still to come over this weekend. EXPO is marking itself out for its genuine interest in connecting what the commercial art fair does with conversations happening in parallel. While many fairs attempt to do this, EXPO has panel discussions with broad, understandable topics that open out to design, fashion, and commerce, reflecting more realistically the complexion of the art world, its influences—and its... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 9/17/15

Portugal Contact Zone at Art Marbella: The Complexity of Cultural Interplay in Southern Europe

by Andrea Alessi
Europe's refugee crisis has reached political and humanitarian extremes this year, with an unprecedented number of asylum seekers—many fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa—risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean. Across the continent a social and political atmosphere fueled by racism, xenophobia, fiscal conservatism and austerity has given rise to a radical disconnect between many Europeans and their southern neighbors. Horrifically, Greek Isle holidaymakers have been heard... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 7/30/15

Basel 2015 Trends: Irony Rules at the New Rhy Art Fair

by A. Moret
In the early hours of opening day at Rhypark, a gentle rain falls upon Basel. While the sun tries to break through the overcast clouds, the weather cannot squash the fact that the city is already illuminated by art and global attention. The Rhy Art Fair is the newest addition to the fair circuit, making its Basel debut this year. Presented by the Swiss organizer Contemporary Art International Zurich (founded in 1999 and now celebrating its 17th year) Rhy Art Fair showcases emerging talent in... [more]
Posted by A. Moret on 6/19/15