For the Culture: Towards Curating Black Art by Aesthetic, Not Struggle

by Jessica Lanay
Unlike recent major shows that are chronological surveys of Black art in the context of political upheaval and communal struggle, the exhibition centers the aesthetics, techniques, and innovation of its artists. Now at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, the exhibition magnifies the interstices of the Black experience that push against the historical watersheds that have come to over-define Black life. The onus of Transformative Space is not to couch Black art as a mere reaction to... [more]


by Ali Fitzgerald
  Grayscale nuances have no place in the propagandist’s world. Propaganda is a black tiled vision, a zero-sum game. Visually, this is portrayed with a split-image showing a dystopic landscape of foreign influence contrasted by a “purer” nationalist one. Below is my rendering of an image circulated by the National Front during the last election: On one side you see the rolling hills, flowers, and cobblestones associated with the France of Lonely Planet guidebooks. On the other,... [more]

Under the Radar: Louise Laffaille | Graham Livingston | Iliana Tosheva

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Louise Laffaille – New York Graham Livingston – Chicago Iliana Tosheva –... [more]

Yvette Kaiser Smith Answers 5 Questions

by The Artslant Team
  What are you trying to communicate with your work? I make wall-based geometric abstractions by inventing systems for visualizing values of numbers, specifically of sequences from the infinite numbers pi and e, by utilizing grids and repetition of simple geometric shapes. Numbers are the direct source of abstraction. The majority of my past works are wall-based, geometric, crocheted fiberglass constructions. In 1996, when these things began, they were based on identity... [more]

Ghosts, Devils, and Advertising

by Ali Fitzgerald
  In his book, A Little Guide to the 15th Arrondissement for the Use of Phantoms, Roger Caillois examines the sleepy district in Paris where he grew up, the same district where I’m staying now. I bought the book imagining a witchy, postmodern guide to my new home, but actually, Caillois’ “phantom beings” are symbols. They are stand-ins for immigrants and asylum-seekers, étrangers who were driven from their homes in the 15th Arrondissement as the Seine’s waterfront was being... [more]

Jesse Farber Answers 5 Questions

by The Artslant Team
  What are you trying to communicate with your work? There is a way in which I think we are very alienated from ourselves, in trying to understand ourselves as material beings existing in the world. We learn more and more about the nature of matter and our physical systems, but it’s still so difficult to feel in any visceral sense that this is actually happening inside us and around us—that it’s in fact who we are, on a fundamental level. Instead, a muddle of textbook diagrams,... [more]

The ArtSlant Prize X: Apply Today + Juror Announcement!

by The Artslant Team
Round 1 of the ArtSlant Prize X closes February 26th. Apply today for your chance at $5k in prizes and an exhibition in New York during Armory Week! To apply, sign in to, click the menu navicon  at the top and select ArtSlant Prize. The  will take place during Armory Week in New York at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, March 6–12, 2018, booth 2231. Purchase tickets for the fair here. ROUND 1 JURORS:     Roberto Acosta Oyarzo is printmaker, film maker and... [more]

Lorna Mills Cracks The Great Code

by Christian Petersen
  If you have even a passing interest in net art then you are likely familiar with the work of Lorna Mills. The Toronto-based artist and curator has been hugely successful in promoting the medium to a wider audience, both through her own work and as a conduit for other artists. In her own practice, Mills works mainly in the GIF format, creating digital collages with manipulated elements of found GIFs. Her work brazenly straddles the line between “high art” and low (digital) culture with... [more]

Process Park Artist Residency: Final Days to Apply!! Deadline: Feb 18

by The Artslant Team
We are proud to announce a new experimental residency created by ArtSlant in collaboration with Chashama. Process Park is a funded four-week residency for 3-4 artists at chaNorth Artist Residency in Pine Plains, NY, the goal of which is to learn to live and work better through a process-oriented approach to art making and existing. The residency will conclude with an exhibition/symposium in New York that will be conceived and planned as a group during the... [more]

Portrait: Katie Stout Defies Genre with Her Touchable, Usable, Body Positive Artworks

by Freunde von Freunden x ArtSlant
Freunde von Freunden. In a vast warehouse in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, Katie Stout crafts couches out of various textiles and her signature Girl Lamps out of clay, celebrating womanhood with colors and textures in the form of functional pieces.                                                           Stout’s creative process is bold, experimental, and constantly evolving—during our studio visit she was feverishly finding a way to support a desk she was assembling out of... [more]