Clash of Political Visuals, Part One

by Ali Fitzgerald
As I spoke about before, France was the birthplace of the lithographic poster as art form. But the Art Nouveau poster gave way to different, more propagandistic uses in the two World Wars. During the German occupation between 1940-1944, the city was awash in German and Vichy propaganda posters and signs, as well as competing images from the resistance. British historian Ian Ousby wrote of that time: Symbols of Paris were painted over and repurposed by the invading army. The city’s... [more]

Emmanuel Monzon Answers 5 Questions

by The Artslant Team
  What are you trying to communicate with your work? There is no judgment in my work, no denunciation. My field of play is a country where the landscape is shaped by and for people on the move. Without a second thought, this world is going through a perpetual mutation, which sees a new city rising, another one dying, leaving them laid out indistinctly one next to the other. This visual chaos is my source of inspiration. What I want to share and convey is a kind of bliss, calm,... [more]

Under the Radar: Ricardo V Ruiz | Mathew Tucker | Samantha Charette

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Ricardo V Ruiz – Richmond, VA Mathew Tucker – New York Samantha Charette – London,... [more]

Joan of Arc, Part Two

by Ali Fitzgerald
  During the years of German occupation (1940–1944), the image of Joan of Arc was used both by the collaborationist Vichy government and Charles de Gaulle’s résistance. Vichy leader Phillipe Pétain liked her better than the other, older symbol of the republic, Marianne, because: 1. She wasn’t topless 2. She heard voices and was really, really into god 3. She dressed like a man 4. She was an Anglophobe He painted her as the devout symbol of the Vichy’s fascist, religious... [more]

Fecal Matter: The Design Provocateurs Subverting Fashion’s Throwaway Culture

by Christian Petersen
  Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran are international, multi-disciplinary art provocateurs who create under the brand name Fecal Matter. They formed Fecal Matter in 2016 to express their uncensored views through fashion, film, music, photography, and performance. Through their collected work, Fecal Matter have created a world of dark, confrontational fantasy that encourages critical and free thinking about our own beliefs and perceived realities. The deliberate subversion... [more]

Joan of Arc, Part One

by Ali Fitzgerald
  Recently I had drinks with a friend and we were discussing the removal of Confederate statues in the States. I asked her if there were any similar discussions about statues in Paris, and which ones she might personally remove. I’ve talked a bit about Marianne as a symbol of the French Republic, and how her image has been politicized. But there’s another woman, not fictional, who also occupies the role of useful political symbol or tool. French politicians across the spectrum lay... [more]

Kailum Graves Answers 5 Questions

by The Artslant Team
  What are you trying to communicate with your work? I consider my work political, but I prefer the subtle process of reflection over the shoveling of an opinion down a viewer's throat. That's probably because I don't think art is a political or emancipatory force—rather, it is what Fredric Jameson labeled “just another ‘pop’ in an all-pervasive pop-culture.” Thus, I’m not interested in examining or establishing perceived truths; instead, I’m interested in exploring the Absurd—the... [more]

Under the Radar: Augusto de Luca | Natali Bravo-Barbee | Anastasia Alekseevna Mikhaylova

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Augusto de Luca– Italy Natali Bravo-Barbee – New York Anastasia Alekseevna Mikhaylova –... [more]

Open Call: Spend Two Months in Paris at the Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency

by The Artslant Team
The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency, Paris is accepting applications until March 19th for its Summer Term (July 1 - August 31, 2018). The residency provides the recipient with: A classic Parisian courtyard apartment/studio in the 15th arrondissement Travel to and from Paris $1000/month stipend  Apply here. Deadline: March 19, 2018.   The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer... [more]

To Be Bad Is Not to Be Good: Katya Grokhovsky’s Performance Art

by Alicia Eler
Other ArtSlant Prize IX catalogue essays: David Rios Ferreira & Sabato Visconti   Somewhere along the way, we lost it. Maybe it was the election, which ended in a sociopath Twitter addict becoming our president, or perhaps it was the exhaustion that followed. Or maybe it’s just dealing with the business of living. Sometimes it is hard to tell. Artist Katya Grokhovsky has been through it, and she’s come out the other side, but not in the way that you’d expect. Her discovery? A... [more]