An Effluviance of Santorum from Paris

Where to begin with Mr. Loks' bizarre and pretentious screed celebrating the giant green butt plug that was recently erected in Paris and his prissy and presumptuous scolding of the people who were righteously offended?   I hardly know where to turn in this sea of verbal diarrhea, with this big green THING bobbing about like an obscene buoy…  En garde!  Thinking of Joan of Arc, I will wade in and start by saying that just because one knows what such an obscene implement is, does not mean... [more]
Posted by Ashtoreth on 10/24/14

Predators as Victims... A Non-Sequitor

My comment was garbled, so I posted it on the blog function on my page.  You can read my essay response there.  If I again exceed the word limit and it garbles, I will post it there also... an awkward way to communicate.  ;)You write and express yourself beautifully.  However, I stand by the refusal to intellectualize and fractionalize WHAT IS.  The young girl is not any male, and that is never their intention. They are seeking to hide themselves and deceive you if they say that; just as the... [more]
Posted by Ashtoreth on 3/8/13

To See, Or Not To See.... What Is Before You

This post is a comment made on this article: This was a well written post, an intellectually frothy bit of 'amuse bouche', that uses linguistic artistry to dance around what is THERE, and therein lies the problem.  The Japanese Samurai spoke of two ways of seeing things.  There is 'gen', with illusion, and 'zantotsu', as things are.  What this writer presents is gen. We can answer the question posed without her help.  If anything, she... [more]
Posted by Ashtoreth on 3/7/13