Judith Brotman: New Beginnings, Happy Endings

From the Bad at Sports Blog: JUDITH BROTMAN: NEW BEGINNINGS, HAPPY ENDINGS October 30, 2013 “The 93 Dreams of Summer,” mixed media with audio, 2013. For over two decades now Judith Brotman’s practice has hinged on relationships built between people. This has taken several forms over the years, and hopefully you’ve had the opportunity of seeing some of her recent work at Bike Room in “I Dozed, I Napped, I Writhed, I Dreamed (reviewed here by Bad at Sports’s own Caroline Picard); at Slow Gallery with “New Word”; or at G... [more]
Posted by Thea Liberty Nichols on 10/30/13

Film Review: Shooter and Whitley by Laura Stewart

“I willingly was a participant in the lifestyle of the motorcycle club, and it is a lot like any other social scene, with it’s own codes and mores, only perhaps faster and at times more violent. But at the same time, it is upfront, so in that sense you know what you are dealing with and it is clear what is expected from you… I have never been uncomfortable around the club and have never felt threatened in any way, if they like you, and most importantly, if the leader of the club likes you, they will treat you with absolute respect.” -Laura Stewart The two main protagonists of Laura Stewart&... [more]
Posted by Thea Liberty Nichols on 9/30/13

John Preus: Slow Sound

IT’S WITH MILD trepidation that I’m posting the essay I wrote for the upcoming John Preus show I curated for the Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) below. I say this chiefly becauseJohn’s own lyrical prose, posted here yesterday, is a very tough act to follow. As I was writing this text, conversations I had had with John, glimpses of work in progress I had stole at our studio visit, and fragments of phrases from email exchanges were all still marinating for me. You’ll see some which percolated into the essay as quotations, but others are noiselessly wafting around and abov... [more]
Posted by Thea Liberty Nichols on 9/25/13


From the Bad at Sports Blog: MAKING YOURSELF AT HOME – LAURA SHAEFFER June 20, 2013 Over the past ten plus years, Laura Shaeffer has been the entrepreneur and custodian behind a number of projects housed within a handful of unconventional— and often under utilized— spaces on the Southside of Chicago, including Home Gallery, The Op Shop andSouthside Hub of Production (SHoP). Her approach is a combination of activism and common sense; community building and home-making. She honors domestic spaces as sites of radical, informal pedagogy, and this manifests itself in an important t... [more]
Posted by Thea Liberty Nichols on 6/21/13


From the Bad at Sports Blog: JODIE MACK PRESENTS… May 16, 2013  Indefatigable– it’s the only word I can think of that in some small way describes Jodie Mack. You can see it in the sheer volume of her accomplishments, including the number of films she’s created, the places they’ve screened, the teaching positions she’s held (and holds!), and the film festivals, exhibitions and performances she’s organized, participated in or contributed to. You can also see it in the work itself– its speed, its persistance, its resolve. It is both self-aware and self-abnegatting; her films traff... [more]
Posted by Thea Liberty Nichols on 5/16/13