Swiss Scandal

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Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 1/11/14

Fleeing Upwards

Being down, crushed to the floor All logic out of the window There will be always an opening door No matter how they try to stop you, by hammering fast and slow I know deep in my heart, holding on is, what makes me keep knocking that door Which one may call - the entrance to UP - to the top of the rainbows peak But as steady as the earths ground I walk UP and UP - no matter what may come Seeing and hearing that sound Fleeing UPwards, is like - returning after a hard journey - into one's cosy home It can be done with G_d's grace, even with both feet on the ground What would that be ... [more]
Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 9/26/13

Yom Kippur with the son of David

I know deep in my HEART - there's nothing too far - nothing too close - that can describe - my personal Yom Kippur - My being reminded - my being renewed. - Ages and Ages ago - Someone decided for me - now I make decisions - All of them but one - Made more sense - to ask for divine revelation - about things not many have seen - the prophets of old - wisdom not fails - all that fails is our nature - only if we are kindled with fire and love - a meeting with divine intervention - freed once and for all - ask me - I tell you - what makes me tick ! Exo... [more]
Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 9/13/13

Three Parent Babies – it’s not that simple

    I worry that there will be a ‘leftover few”, who will lose all hope of ever finding a cure to their existing genetic DISEASES just because everyone concentrates on modifying ‘future’ generations, who then will be free of these genetic impairments. I think it is to be welcomed, that these genetic male functions are eradicated and future generations may not have to go through. Every parent and of course – person- with one of the many genetic passed on Illnesses can follow and understand this. Unfortunately my faith in the research labs funders isn’t that great. Saving future Children... [more]
Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 6/28/13

Banquet Party

Banquet Party ( Artist's Statement) It shines, most pleasant, most of the days  Sometimes it rains, pours down Being in that place, where the Ghosts of the Past dance with the Present and Future Like insects in the warm evening summer sun. This place is warm, bright, colourful and happy - Sad, angry and desperate as well.  Where the Extremes hold a Banquet Some people live overregulated lives - far away from that place.  I am watching them, hate what these rules represent, but also with envy  I have been there. The Muse isn’t  But where he is - Sound - Feel - See - Beauty creating– it’... [more]
Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 5/18/13