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© Misho, Pichai Pongsasaovapark, James Su, Srijai Kuntawang
Chiang Rai Art Bridge Gallery
551 Moo 1
57100 Muang Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai
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contemporary, international, emerging

Introduction to Nature of the Work

While Man and Nature long co-existed in a natural harmony and balance, in recent times, Man has upset that balance by over-exploiting natural resources and destroying the environment for economic and survival motivations.

For survival, Man needs food, housing and clothing, but uncontrolled population growth combined with an incessant, uninterrupted pursuit of basic necessities has resulted in an unsustainable depletion of natural resources and destruction of the environment.  This problem is demonstrated by the massive and global scope of deforestation taking place around the globe.

Four artists from different backgrounds tackle this global disaster in the making with different observations on the role of forests and trees in our environment and how to reestablish both a balance with Nature and protect our future.

As both curator and participating artist, I looked for artists who could contribute both their own individual works and collaborate on joint works that underscore the need for human beings to work together to solve this problem.  The artists -- Srijai Kuntawang, Misho, James Su, and Pichai Pongsasaovapark -- have each worked in different media -- drawing, painting, photography, and etching -- to create a collective statement and call to action for environmental awareness and protection.

The exhibition Nature of the Work will be seen in Bangkok and Chiang Rai, Thailand, and Shanghai, China.

--Pichai Pongsasaovapark

Artist and Curator

February 18, 2016