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LDX Gallery
Gallery 13 Art One, M/F Convention Plaza
1 Harbour Road Hong Kong
Venue Type: Gallery

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Gallery Hong Kong champions a diverse range of contemporary Chinese Arts. Besides offering arrays of exhibitions that showcase works of rich contents by established artists, the Gallery is also dedicated to promoting promising talents. Holding art spaces in Beijing, Hong Kong, Berlin and Malta, LDX aims to propel contemporary Chinese art onto the global platform.

LDX Gallery Hong Kong holds close ties with the LDX Contemporary Art Center in Beijing, which serves as a space for artists, critics and curators alike, allowing them to channel their ideas and insights in an environment that emphasizes academic freedom and artistic experimentation.

The name LDX (龍德軒) is derived from an ancient Chinese adage, which means to always learn and achieve with modesty, faith and rigor. LDX adheres to this motto by never ceasing to explore the infinite possibilities and breakthroughs in contemporary Chinese Art.

Represented artists include: Bai Yiluo, Cao Xiaodong, Chen Qingqing, Li Wei, Li Yun, Miguel Payano, Ma Yanling, Wang Qingsong, Wang Yiqiong, Wu Gaozhong, Xiong Wenyun, Xu Hui, Zhou Yanjun.