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The Charmed Logic of Space

by Robin Peckham
Some spaces, corners of Hong Kong, seem destined for art, adding so much to the viewing experience in their own right even prior to the display apparatus of the white cube that the process of reaching and entering the space becomes a planning element with which the artist or curator cannot avoid negotiation. Experimenta, tucked into an alley off of an alley just a block away from the main gallery drag of Hollywood Road, positioned aptly next to a barbershop that doubles as a jazz bar, is one... [more]
Posted by Robin Peckham on 6/6/11

Contemporary Art with an Internet Focus

by Robin Peckham
Curated by Nana Seo, “//Free Rider//:” marks its territory as Hong Kong’s answer to the New Museum’s “Free” and Carol Yinghua Lu’s “You are not a Gadget,” demonstrating local engagement with ongoing conversations of the relationship between art and the internet in a timely and sexy manner but, like those other two prior exhibitions, ultimately failing to add anything really new to the more innovative corners of networked practice. The focus here is ostensibly on the telling of stories through... [more]
Posted by Robin Peckham on 5/9/11