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A Meeting of Meetings

by Edward Sanderson
The Meeting Room is a project hosted within Beijing’s Arrow Factory space, and organised by artists Rania Ho, one of the founders of that space, and Elaine W. Ho (no relation), founder of the HomeShop, a small creative community sited a few streets away. With this new project, the concerns of the two artists previously expressed through their work on their particular institutions, have come together to form a very interesting and socially productive use of the space – converting it into... [more]
Posted by Edward Sanderson on 12/9/12

The Strangeness of Ritual

by Edward Sanderson
Peeking through the glazed and systematically inaccessible storefront of the Arrow Factory space (inaccessibility being a usual feature of this small non-profit space’s presentations), a scene reminiscent of a storage space or garage is visible. In amongst the detritus that litters the space—the construction tools, ladders, paint tins, sheets of wood, and bags of unidentifiable materials—a series of television monitors sit on chairs or boxes, and make up the deliberately make-shift presentation... [more]
Posted by Edward Sanderson on 10/29/12

Muddled Illuminations

by Edward Sanderson
He An’s new installation at the store-front space Arrow Factory is the first in a series of shows in Beijing for the Chinese artist; Tang Contemporary and Magician Space are also hosting shows opening this week in the 798 Art District. The installation at Arrow Factory continues the artist’s concern with lighting systems and features a working streetlight poking through the glass of the gallery’s frontage.  Below the light a small switch invites you to turn the light on and off.  Behind the... [more]
Posted by Edward Sanderson on 7/18/11

Street Art

by Iona Whittaker
Not much is likely to be written about Arrow Factory’s ‘Collection Highlights’; this is not because it is a bad exhibition or lacks interest. Paradoxically, it is the nature of the venue itself that has propelled it forward as one of Beijing’s few truly ‘alternative’ art sites (as Robin Peckham pointed out in an earlier ArtSlant review) and at the same time, keeps anything beyond a small returning audience at a distance. Others remain aware of Arrow Factory’s activities - and excited by them -... [more]
Posted by Iona Whittaker on 2/7/11

Place, Space, and Innocuous Intervention

by Robin Peckham
        For various political reasons--both diplomatic and theoretical--it has always been deemed relevant and sympathetic to voice support for the exhibition program at Arrow Factory, one of the few true alternative spaces in Beijing and almost certainly the most visible contemporary platform within the heart of the old city. In many ways, however, it has been these general curatorial credentials alone that have earned a reputation for the space, far more so than the exhibitions... [more]
Posted by Robin Peckham on 10/11/10