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By the Book

by Robin Peckham
A cornerstone of the bodily performance and shock art scenes that characterized so much of what was considered the radical world of Chinese contemporary art throughout the 1990s, Yang Zhichao is not an artist from which one would expect sentimentality (or even subtlety). He is probably best known for an action in which he planted two pieces of grass in his shoulder for the infamous 2000 Ai Weiwei-organized exhibition “Fuck Off”; indeed, the press release for “Chinese Bible” describes him as... [more]
Posted by Robin Peckham on 11/13/11

The Dark Dark Deep

by Robin Peckham
Vietnamese-American artist Christine Nguyen opens the recently renovated 10 Chancery Lane space with an exhibition of photographs created in the absence of the camera. By projecting transparent drawings onto photo paper and developing it with intervention of crystals and other natural materials, the artist is able to produce otherworldly visions of the undersea universe. At its best, Nguyen promises science fiction-inflected takes on the classic photogram work of artists like Laszlo Moholy-Nagy... [more]
Posted by Robin Peckham on 3/28/11

Film with Fresh Context

by Robin Peckham
            MAP Office, a once-European architecture office that has completed a transformation from analytical design to conceptual art world antics over its 15 years in Hong Kong, now attempts to make its next step: into the film world. Or, in their own words, into cultural producers active in the art world via the film world. This shift reflects a general frustration with the environment for art in Hong Kong (and internationally for artists based in Hong Kong), a feeling that results... [more]
Posted by Robin Peckham on 11/8/10