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The Faces of Jiang Zhi

by Wang Yun
  In “Attitude,” the current show at Platform China, Jiang Zhi’s works do not only show his attitude but expose something under the surface of apparent reality. Born in 1971, Jiang Zhi is a video artist who pays close attention to social reality, and hence his works touch intimately on the problems of real life.  So piercing is his gaze, in fact, that people might feel embarrassed by his merciless vision or laugh at his black humor.  Regardless of the reaction, he causes audiences to rethink... [more]
Posted by Wang Yun on 9/20/10

Restless Images

by Yun Wang
    The current show of Wang Gongxin’s videos, Relating, reflects his thinking about the relationship between people, scenery and object in the Internet era. As one of the most important Chinese video artists, Wang Gongxin is always ready to challenge his audience—people can feel the tension, conflict and unexpected things in Wang’s work. This attitude is related to the events in his life: he was one of the first college graduates after the Cultural Revolution, and the only one elected,... [more]
Posted by Yun Wang on 7/11/10