Guangdong Wan Fung Art Gallery

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Guangdong Wan Fung Art Gallery
2/F, 23 Xing Nan Road
South District Zhongshan City
Venue Type: Gallery

Open hours
Sun Sat 9:30-6
(86-760) 833 3861
(86-760) 833 3801
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Guangdong Wan Fung Art Gallery is located at the prosperous commercial district of Zhongshan City, Guangdong province. It has an area of over 1000 m2. Spacious area is divided into exhibition, sculpture and ceramic, reading and VIP rooms. It holds regular exhibition of the masterpieces by famous contemporary Chinese artists. Its collection not only includes masterworks of famous contemporary Chinese artists but also covers oil paintings, watercolors, stone sculptures, wood sculptures, porcelain and Chinese classical furniture.

Zhongshan is the hometown of Dr Sun yat-sen, the great revolutionary pioneer of China. It is a beautiful place where eminent people were born. The city is now progressing towards a combination of centre of celebrities, culture and tourism. The establishment of the art gallery is a coordinate with this new progress. The gallery also serves as an elegant centre for artistic appreciation, interior decoration and collection in Zhongshan and southern China. And it has already become one of the highest quality and large-scale art exhibition centres of southern China.