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Imagine Gallery
8 Yishujia Gongzuoshi, Feijiacun, Laiguangyingdongdu, Chaoyang District Beijing
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Tuesday to Sunday 10.30 to 5.30
(+86) 6438 5747
(+86) 6438 5747
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Imagine Gallery was created in May 2003 by French Laetitia Gauden,
Imagine Gallery Director, who has been living in Beijing since 1998.

Imagine Gallery gives the opportunity to international artists to come
exchanging an artistic experience in Beijing, including with Exhibitions
Shows, Artists in Residency programs, Artistic Creation and Meetings,
indeed Collaboration with Chinese and foreign artists living in Beijing.

Imagine Gallery is situated on the north-east side of Beijing,
(15 mns from downtown and 15 mns from airport), near by a small village.

The Gallery Space is set in a "factory style" site where there are a
series of working and living studios of Chinese and foreign artists.
Since March 2004, 35 Exhibitions Shows have been featured, with
artists of 15 different nationalities.

Imagine Gallery has participated to China International Gallery
Exposition in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Art Beijing in 2006 and 2007,
Bridge Art Fair New York in 2008, and has been involved, curator,
coordinator and manager in others projects as the Western Academy of
Beijing's Sculptures Park in 2005, and WAB HS opening August 2006,
Critical Mass Exhibition at HYCAC, and coordinating projects for
Bard Breivik (Norway), Saint Clair Cemin (USA), Kehinde Wiley (USA) and
Not Vital (Switzerland) in China, besides many others realizations and
projects with artists in residency at Imagine Gallery.