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Cube Gallery
Beijing Chaoyang District, North Lake Park Drainage Winery international art Beijing
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Declaration nine cubic
Ancestors in order to discipline a number of characters, from a very in nine. Where the number refers to the very persons, can be referred to as nine.
So we use the nine cubes in at the end of time and space for thousands of years to build the altar of artistic inquiry times. We do not attempt to contemporary art are very telling of lies in this, but we will use this as a declaration, by the ancestors of the very few, open mind and tolerant atmosphere. There is no inside and outside, as the cube of these Tongming剔透, line of sight compared with the freedom of thinking, which belongs to the space around it all are willing to; There are no barriers and shackles, as here, four blue water rippling, ideas and the spirit of blend of water as a collision. Here do not have to consider who will see and who to see, as our ancestors of the "nine" the word in which all the best.

About nine cubic
Gallery 9 cubic Beiyuan located in Chaoyang District, Beijing International Art North Lake Park Drainage winery core area - Center Lake, the winery is the second international art park Dashanzi 798 Art District, after a new high standard of artistic community, a large number of park admission active in the international contemporary art and artists line the Central Academy of Fine Arts of the dozens of old middle-aged and young artists, there are a number of institutions world-class art galleries.
Nine cubic Winery international art galleries based on the core of the park by the international art winery Producer park with great concentration to create Mr. Wang Lixin designer, is currently the only building in the water features galleries, large steel structure with its own unique modeling and water glass seamless construction, modern materials constitute the main building with the old pavilions waterside park相映成趣is international art winery an eye-catching highlight of Park.
Nine cubic meters of gallery of three 6 meters by 6 meters of the small hall and a 6 m by 15 m composed of a large exhibition hall, exhibition-style line to transform the structure of the longest line exhibition of 120 meters, height 3.5 Show meters. Hall nearly a thousand square meters around the free surface can also display sculpture and installation art.

Business philosophy
Nine cubic meters of gallery-oriented works of originality, academic and contemporary nature. To show contemporary art in China and some foreign countries as the main direction of contemporary art, galleries are organized regularly to various forms of exhibitions, and cultural institutions and galleries at home and abroad to promote Chinese and foreign contemporary art's external communication, for domestic and foreign artists with a professional and good exchange platform.
Nine cubic meters of gallery adhere to the principle of good faith as the first for art collectors and investors to provide professional advisory services, and strive to become a painter and collector of the bridge trusted.