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230 The Fenway
02115 Boston


There are other art schools, but they are not like us.

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts officially became part of Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences in July 2016. The SMFA at Tufts is extraordinary in being part of a major research university and affiliated with a world class museum.

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts was established in 1876, as part of the Museum of Fine Art’s mission to educate through the arts. The school was intended to be a school of the most rigorous ideas and concepts, not simply a technical institute. Since its founding, the school’s faculty, administration, and curriculum have been dynamically engaged in questions of education in general, and art education in particular.

We offer students the opportunity to explore art in all of its diverse forms and expressions, while ensuring a high-quality liberal arts education. The strengthening of the 70-year-old bonds between the SMFA and Tufts enables new ways of teaching and learning by encouraging collaborations among a range of academic and studio areas. The education you receive here will prepare you for a world that is constantly changing and constantly placing very high demands on its participants.

The SMFA at Tufts is a challenging place; it is designed to be that way. In the end, you will find it to be profoundly rewarding. And that is what a really good art education is all about.