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4/F,18 Zhongshan East Road
200002 Shanghai
October 15th, 2009 - November 12th, 2009
Opening: October 15th, 2009 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM



18gallery is pleased to present an exhibition entirely dedicated to drawings. A very original exhibition that mixes artists from all over the world and opens the debate, at this strange age of the “all-internet”, about what drawings is really about.

This overflowing exhibition completely dedicated to drawing, which invade the complete floor of the gallery, temporarily transforming it into a cabinet of curiosities, a clandestine production workshop, an official and unofficial showcase of contemporary drawings. The show is though as a treasure hunt, a game that all can enjoy, from the artists to the visitors. Following the established protocol, each artist carefully chosen and invited presents one or more guests, another artist that is hence also invited, illustrating Sol LeWitt’s quote with generosity and ferocious acuity : “Drawing is first and foremost a mental practise”. With its amazing space 18gallery intends to fill in the space with hundreds of drawing one can get lost when admiring them all.

“Everything starts with drawing”, said Alberto Giacometti ; that’s also why the Magda Danysz is creating an exhibition around it : so we don’t forget that drawing once had - and still owes itself to have - an important place in art. Drawing definitely deserves its place in contemporary art : it studies reality, figurative or non-figurative, it reveals a pure interpretation combined with technique.

The exhibition was fostered by the will to create a tangle of works, ideas, achievements but also a very special association of artists and their guests. For that’s the idea behind it : different gallery artists chose to invite another fellow artist in order for him/her to show his/her work. The visitors are then faced with the questions : who invited who ? why ? …which results in a sort of affinity and respect labyrinth that spreads on the walls of the gallery. Surprises are around the corner, with, hidden somewhere, even some special unexpected guests from the fashion world for instance.

With : Pierre Belouïn, Frédéric Bortolotti, Botto e Bruno, Christian Boulicaut, Gosia Galas, Christian Gonzenbach, Jonone, Kosta Kulundzic, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Guillaume Linard, Miss Van, Laurina Paperina, Françoise Pétrovitch, Jeanne Verdoux, Vuk Vidor, … and many many guests