SIGNAL 8: Summer Salon Show

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© Courtesy of The Cat Street Gallery
Fortune Postcards & Collage On Board 162.6 X 162.6 Cm © The Cat Street Gallery
West meets East, 162.6 x 162.6 cm Postcards & Collage On Board © The Cat Street Gallery
SIGNAL 8: Summer Salon Show

222 Hollywood Road
Hong Kong
July 9th, 2009 - September 7th, 2009

hong kong
+852 2291 0006
Monday to Saturday : 11 am to 7 pm Sunday : Closed (Except on Art Sundays)

Signal 8 the annual summer show at The Cat Street Gallery, is a curator's choice exhibition. The show includes a retrospective look at the artists that have shown over the year and a preview of exciting artists that will be exhibited at the gallery over the coming months.

Highlights of the show include: esteemed Scottish artist David Mach, RA, famed for his intricate postcard and photographic collages; Gavin Turk, one of the original YBAs and most significant British artists of his generation; Australian David Bromley, renowned for his iconic retro paintings; the Australian sculptor Camie Lyons who creates astounding fluid, linear works; the British artist Adam Bricusse whose iridescent paintings captivate the eye; French artist Pascal Dombis who creates mesmerizing effects with his unique lenticular prints; the LA based photograper Andrew Macpherson who redefines how we see iconic faces; the bold paintings of Australian artist Hugh Ford which intelligently explore whimsical themes; the young British artist Sara J Beazley who redefines printmaking with her contemporary works on paper; the Australian artist Jasper Knight who breaks the boundaries between high art and the everyday image in his bold paintings; the British painter Natasha Law whose glossy nudes on aluminum exude modern chic; the Australian sculptor Hanna Hoyne who utilizes multimedia to explore the human imagination; the French painter, known for her large sophisticated abstract works; and the young Japanese sculptor Mizumoto Tomohisa who creates energized pieces that defy gravity.