Turning Point:Contemporary Art in China Since 2000

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Turning Point:Contemporary Art in China Since 2000

10 Huizhan Rd, Shahekou, Liaoning Province
July 23rd, 2016 - September 17th, 2016
Opening: July 23rd, 2016 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

north eastern china
Tue-Sun 10-6
animation, painting, video-art, sculpture, installation


Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum is pleased to present “Turning Point: Contemporary Art in China Since 2000”, a group show of contemporary Chinese art. Professor Yi Ying, renowned art historian and critic, will take the role as the academic moderator of the exhibition. Featuring 52 artists/artist collectives in total, the exhibition will occupy the whole first floor of the museum and present work ranging from painting, sculpture, installation to video and animation. The exhibition will open to the public on July 23 and run through September 4.

Highlighting the year 2000 as a key time concept, the exhibition intends to probe into the various changes, emerging trends of thought as well as social problems ever since then and to cast light on the responses contemporary art has made. The exhibition focuses mainly on two “turning points”, or say two types of “transition”–that from easel art to conceptual art and from form to social significance. To be more specific, the former refers to the fact that in the wake of the development of the linguistic nature of contemporary art, the linear evolution of art since mid-80s came to an end. Compared to art back in the 90s which featured painting mainly, it has now become more diverse and conceptual. The latterstresses on the changes of the writing of contemporary art. Attention has been shifted from the logic embeddedin the form to social movements, social significance, social problems (i.e. urban space, land and ethnic groups) and the demonstration of the different experiences. In the meantime, with the increasing involvement of the internet, films, televisions, high-tech and new media, the art form has witnessed continuous development as it is equipped with the capacity to present new visual forms of expression in line with the development of the society.

With a focus on the status quo of the Chinese contemporary art and the driving force behind it, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum will present a selected groups of works produced since 2000. These works cast light on how artists think about art, the evolution of social concepts as well as the progress and destiny of Chinese contemporary society from a variety of perspectives. Collectively, they form a big picture illustrating the transition witnessed in the Chinese contemporary art scene since the new century.

A themed symposium will be organized during the exhibition and scholars from different disciplines will be invited to share their views upon art, philosophy and various social issues. Public educational programmes accompanying the exhibition will include talks and a series of workshops.

We pay special thanks to Artron.Net, our strategic partner supporting us for the exhibition and the symposiums. We show gratitude to the online plan of ‘The Culture Pavilion [wén huà guǎn]’ for the special project provided. And we express thanks to the media support from The Art NewspaperArt WorldArt China and APP iMuseum for the exhibition. The audio guide of the exhibition is provided by Artsky. Part of the audiovisual media equipment is provided by WTi Group. 


About the Academic Moderator

Yi Ying, renowned art historian and critic, is currently professor and doctoral tutor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.


本次展览的主题将围绕着2000年以来这个时间节点开始进行构思。中国社会发生的诸多变化,出现了各种思潮以及伴随着中国的各种社会性问题,当代艺术对此做出了何种反应,是我们关注的重点。展览基于两种“转向”(架上—观念、形式—社会性)概念。一是形态上的转向:随着当代艺术完成了语言学的转向,80年代中期以来的线性发展的历史已经趋于终结,90年代以架上绘画为主的艺术形态逐渐向多元化、观念化转变;二是形式向社会性转向:新 时期当代艺术的书写也发生了诸多变化,不再着重于形式主义的逻辑,而是着重于社会运动、社会性,强调社会问题,比如关注城市,土地,族群等,主要在于体现 不同的经验。同时随着互联网、影视、高科技、新媒体的不断介入,艺术形态方面也在不断推进,不再依赖于艺术自身的创造,而是伴随社会发展提供新的视觉表达方式。



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